Terms & Conditions

It is the Client's responsibility to conduct their own due dilligence and seek the appropriate legal advice, prior to appointing the sevices of cmi direct.

cmi direct are covered by (PII) Public Indemnity Insurance - Payment Terms: All invoices (unless agreed by a director of cmi direct) are to be paid by BACS transfer without exception - Fee arrangement and appointment: A formal notification of intent and appointment and fee structure will be emailed to ''They'' the client or their representaive. Receipt of email is considered as read and accepted (unless ''They'' contact cmi direct otherwise within 48 hours from receipt of same) of cmi direct services prior to any site inspection work being undertaken. cmi direct refund policy: We do not give refunds on our services, or any final issue CML products. If ''They'' appoint cmi direct to conduct a site inspection, monitored or retrospectively and ''They'' 'bounce' a cheque or simply change their mind,''They'' will be liable for the full certificate fee in most cases. ''They'' are always responsible to pay the survey fee at a minimum of £350.00 ex vat for retrospective or a standard site inpection at £250 ex vat, plus admin & disbursement costs if the site survey has been carried out by cmi direct.